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Employee of the Month - Serene

Photo of employee of the month Serene

Congratulations to Employee of the Month, Serene! 

In her day-to-day job as a Children's Librarian, Serene is amazing. She truly tailors our programming to fit the needs of the community. After noticing a lot more families with babies and toddlers, she started a new baby storytime program. Her baby storytime is so much more than storytime; it includes baby sign language, music and movement, and sensory play. This is the first time a lot of these families have socialized, and she makes it a safe welcoming environment to learn and grow. Not only that, she literally saved a patron's life. Last month, she was informed of a patron in the library restroom who was unconscious. She performed CPR and got them breathing again until the EMTs arrived. At the same time, she delegated someone to call 911, and she kept calm in a situation we don't deal with every day. The patron was able to walk away from this.

Serene is just an all-around strong employee and has shown she is willing to go above and beyond for the patrons we serve at the library and in the community.