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Library Advisory Board

About the Library Advisory Board

Created by County Resolution 96-903 on Dec. 12, 1996, the Library Advisory Board (LAB) has twenty-six members, comprised of twenty-four city council members appointed by the member cities and two County Supervisor members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Functioning as an advisory board, the LAB advocates for the county library system through contacts with civic groups and public officials to raise awareness of the library and to promote its services and resources.

The advisory board convenes three times a year for updates from the County Librarian, to make recommendations based on constituent feedback, and to ensure that the library operates from a solid and trusted foundation aligning with the needs of the residents it serves. Recommendations of the LAB for the Orange County Board of Supervisors are agendized and presented by the County Librarian.

For more information, please see LAB Bylaws.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
October 24, 2024    
May 23, 2024    
April 25, 2024    

January 25, 2024

January 25, 2024