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Books by Mail

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Books by Mail

Books By Mail is a free service that delivers books and audiobooks on CD through the US Postal Service to eligible homebound residents in Orange County, California who are unable to visit the library because of:

  • A physical disability
  • Long-term illness
  • Lack of transportation

How do I sign up for this service?

Fill out the Books by Mail online application or download the pdf form and email to, mail it,  or bring to your local branch. 

If you need an OC Public Libraries card, please submit an application.

Books by Mail patrons are limited to two (2) items at a time. If you have a friend, family member, or caregiver that can go to a branch for you, consider getting a Homebound card which allows up to twenty (20) items checked out at a time.

How do I request items?

Books by Mail patrons can place their own holds using the OC Public Libraries catalog, MyOCPL app, or contact their local branch and speak with a staff member.

  • Checkout up to two (2) items at a time
  • Checkout period is 3 weeks
  • Renewable up to five (5) times as long as the items are not requested by someone else

What types of items can I request?

You can request:

  • Books
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • DVDs

Items not eligible for this service include (but are not limited to): Music CDs, Lucky Days, Magazines, Bestsellers, Oversize Items, and InterLibrary Loan books.

How are items delivered?

Once you are registered for the Books by Mail service, materials are sent to your home in a reusable bag or other packaging by book rate through the United States Postal Service at no charge to you.

Each package will have a packing slip/receipt enclosed which will include the due date of your items.

How do I return my items?

  1. If your items come in a canvas mailing bag, insert mailing label into the clear pouch on the front so that the OC Public Libraries address shows. If your items come in any other type of packaging, the return envelope will have the return label attached.
  2. Place items in the return bag and seal securely. 
  3. Give the bag to your mail carrier.

Once the items are received back at OC Public Libraries, new items can be mailed.

For questions or help with the application contact us at (714) 566-3000 or