Employee of the Month November 2020 - Andres


Andy is an exceptionally patient person and is always extremely courteous with the public. He has the ability handle a number of "issues" at the same time without getting stressed out. He also has a great understanding of diversity in the community and shows his appreciation for that, which is also an outstanding quality. He greatly adjusted and helped staff and patrons, as well, to embrace the changes due to the difficult times during the current pandemic. Andy displays great empathy, compassion and care, equally to all members of public. Andy is constantly showing marks of a true leader by actively listening and asking for input fairly from all of the staff. He actively collaborates with all of the staff and allows each staff member to shine at what they are good at performing. He also never hesitates to accommodate the needs of staff when he is able to. The degree of collaboration, communication, and responsibility Andy has been innovative. He is kind. He listens without showing judgement. He has made an unpleasant situation much more bearable for me and all of us. At the same time, he has the courage to set clear boundaries for the staff and patrons. Congratulations, Andres!