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Employee of the Month - Carl

EOTM Oct 2023 Carl HP

Congratulations to the OCPL Employee of the Month, Carl!

Carl brings laughter and good will in with him every day! His Music and Movement Storytime is one of the highest attended regularly scheduled programs at Tustin. He also does an Enrichment Storytime for adults with unique needs. His Adult Enrichment Storytime provides weekly engaging services to adults with special needs, and he has expanded his language skills by assisting with the Bilingual Chinese Storytime. Carl is always looking for ways to make work fun and inclusive.

 Not only is Carl’s joyful personality a pleasure to work with, but his willingness to go above and beyond makes him a valuable team player! He enthusiastically volunteers to assist with large author visits, including events featuring Daniel Silva, Nancy Horan, and Tiffany Haddish, where he engages with audience members, creates library card accounts, and promotes future events. His charming personality shines in all his interactions, bringing smiles to the patrons around him. His prominent role in the programming at the Tustin Library demonstrates his creativity and courage to try new things. Carl’s determination to provide his support and expertise in any situation makes him an instrumental part of the OCPL team and we are lucky to have him!