How to Get a Library Card

What little card costs nothing at all and is one of your best back-to-school tools?

Your library card!

The library has a wealth of tools and services that support educators, parents, and students especially during the school year.  Encouraging children to read and use the library is the best thing you can do to help them to do better in school and continue learning throughout their lives.

Encouragement can start with a library card.

Parents, here’s how to get a library card for your child.

Step 1: Complete the online library card application or download the application.

Step 2: If applying online you’ll be asked to select a branch to pick up your library card.  The card will be ready within 48 hours and will be held for 10 days.  If you select to download and print the library card application, you can take it the completed application to any of the libraries listed on our website.

Step 3: When picking up you’re the library card please show a valid ID (see for requirements).  For applicants under 18, parent/legal guardian must be present and show valid ID.

Why should students have a library card?

Children who read, succeed!  Reading is a necessity all students need in order to function and be competitive in today’s society.  Regular library use helps create strong readers.

Reading is becoming an event more essential skill for all students, as California and other states move toward Common Core Standards in which literacy is embedded in all parts of the curriculum.  The more children read, the better their fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

There is a connection between early reading and literacy building activities in the home and later achievement in school.  Children who don’t get reading building blocks early in life are more likely to be at low levels of academic performance by age ten.  Students who are struggling with reading in the third grade are likely to have trouble in all subjects, because reading is so essential to learning in grades four through 12.

Having a library card is a critical first step in becoming a lifelong library user, and is the gateway to obtaining full access to a range of services within the library and online.  When children possess their own library card, a door opens for them to become regular library users.  They are also more likely to view themselves as readers, and a child’s self-identity as a reader is one predictor of their future success with reading.  Children who are exposed to reading and other cultural experience before entering school have a better chance at formal learning success.  (Becoming a Nation of Readers, Commission on Reading).