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Kindergarten Readiness Activities

DIY Adding Machine: Make a simple Adding Machine by taping two paper tubes above a container. Choose a favorite collection (pom poms, pebbles, blocks, anything that fits!) and start adding. Not only does this activity begin building their ability to solve simple addition problems, but it is also great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Hide and Seek Monster Review: Not only does this activity promote letter and word recognition, it allows children to express themselves creatively and to exercise their fine motor skills! 

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: Take a walk around your neighborhood and do a mini scavenger hunt. See how many things you and your child can spot around your neighborhood that are the same color, shape, or size!

Mapping Your Neighborhood: This activity supports spatial thinking by helping children visualize where objects and places are in relation to one another.

Sensory Bag: Make a Sensory Bag! This simple and fun guessing game challenges children to use their sense of touch and growing vocabulary to describe the shapes and textures of hidden objects. Recognizing the curves and lines of familiar objects prepares children to identify the shapes of the different letters of the alphabet.

Stringing Activity: Stringing or threading activities are not only build the small muscles necessary for writing, they also build persistence by supporting a young child’s growing ability to focus on a difficult task.