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Citizenship Information


OC Public Libraries'  guide for becoming a US Citizen.  Prepared by library staff for Orange County residents, the content includes:  

  • Applying for Citizenship 

  • Where to File 

  • Filing Fee 

  • Preparing for the Test and Interview 

  • Resources 



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Filing your Form N-400 online 

You must create a USCIS online account to file your Form N-400 online. Having an online account will also allow you to: 

  • Pay your filing fee online; 
  • Check the status of your case; 
  • Receive notifications and case updates; 
  • View personalized case completion date estimates; 
  • Respond to requests for evidence;
  • Manage your contact information, including updating your address.;
  • Filing your Form N-400: Use with Adobe Reader (PDF) by mail; 
  • Mailing addresses for military and non-military can be found here and scroll down on the site to “Where to File”;

Don’t forget to sign your form! Unsigned forms will be rejected. 



(Add the $85 biometric fee for a total of $725, where applicable. See exceptions below.) If you file your Form N-400 online, you may pay your fee online. If you file your Form N-400 by mail (paper), you may pay the fee with a money order, personal check, cashier’s check, or by credit card using Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions. If you pay by check, you must make your check payable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

When you send a payment, you agree to pay for a government service. Filing and biometric service fees are final and non-refundable, regardless of any action we take on your application, petition, or request, or if you withdraw your request.  

Use the Fee Calculator to help determine your fee. 


  • Applicants 75 years of age or older do not need to pay a biometric fee. They only need to pay the $640 filing fee. 

  • No fee is required for military applicants filing under section 328 or 329 of the INA. 


Before your citizenship interview, you can study for the English and Civics test by using the free resources to help you prepare. 

The naturalization test has two components: an English and a Civics test.  

Civics Questions and Answers  

2020 Version 
The 2020 version of the civics test is an oral test, and the USCIS officer will ask you 20 questions from the list of 128 civics test questions. You must answer at least 12 of the 20 questions correctly to pass. 

65/20 Special Consideration 

If you are 65 years old or older and have been living in the United States as a lawful permanent resident of the United States for 20 or more years, you may study just the 20 questions that have been marked with an asterisk (*) found at the end of each question. You may also take the naturalization test in the language of your choice. For more information, see exceptions and accommodations or the USCIS Policy Manual Citizenship and Naturalization Guidance

If you qualify for the 65/20 special consideration, you may study just the questions with an asterisk found at the end of each question in the complete 128 list of questions above. Resources for the 65/20 questions can also be found below. 

More information about the Citizenship Interview and Test can be found here


OCPL ESL Conversation Groups (email or call for information) 

Practice English.  All levels of English speaking skills welcome. Free! No registration required. 

Foothill Ranch Library: 949-855-8072 

Irvine Katie Wheeler Library: 714-669-8753 

Local ESL/English Classes 

South Coast Literacy  (free) 

Orange Coast College  (non credited classes free) 

Santa Ana College (free) 

Cypress College (Non-credited  ESL classes offered through North Orange Continuing Education (free) 

Saddleback College  (free) 

Irvine Adult School 

Santiago Canyon College (free to adult CA residents) 



Mango Languages  Located on OC Public Libraries’ website, with video and audio components 

ABCYa Language arts and learning games 

BBC Learning English 

GFC Global Learning 

Language Guide Online picture dictionary and grammar practice 

Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary exercises 


Easy English 

The English Minute 

Word Reference 



Oxford University Press 

Cambridge Ventures Arcade 

Learner’s Dictionary 

Learning English 

History/Civics/Politics Preparedness 

USCitizenpod  Listen to mock interviews and citizenship interview experiences  

USCitizenPod Youtube Chanel  Same content as above, but in video format 

Crash Course playlist on government and politics   

Preparing for the Oath: Us History and Civics 



Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development  

Institute of Museum and Library Services  (IMLS) has worked with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to help libraries and museums provide accurate and useful information about immigration and citizenship benefits. 

Immigration Equality LGBTQ+ Immigration Rights Organization