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Did you know?

Local disposal costs residents less.

When waste is exported the cost of waste collection rises. Landfill fees can be higher, and the cost to transport the waste raises the cost to consumers. Local landfills are a key to keeping our waste-hauling fees low.

Transfer trucks wait to dispose of their loads
People generate waste.

Let’s face it. Not everything we use is recyclable. Landfills provide a safe way to properly dispose of residual waste—everything that can’t be recycled or reused. We need a place to put our waste—at least until new technologies become feasible alternatives.

Waste truck using automated payment lane at fee booth

No taxpayer dollars are used.

OC Waste & Recycling manages Orange County’s landfills as an enterprise fund, supported entirely by the fees collected for disposal at the landfill.

Landfill Gas is reused to benefit the community and the environment.

Decomposing waste is a valuable renewable resource.  The Olinda Alpha landfill provides Broadrock Renewables, Inc. with landfill gas to fuel their electric power plant.  Revenues received from this partnership offset OC Waste & Recycling's operating costs, which helps to maintain a competitive, stable solid waste disposal rate.

Broadrock Renewables' landfill gas-to-energy plant

Landfills eventually become something else.

When a landfill closes it undergoes a process that makes the land usable again. Many former landfills are turned into public parks and serve the community in a new way. Such is the case for the Olinda Alpha Landfill, which is currently planned to become a passive-use wilderness park.

Coyote Canyon Former Landfill post-closure

No hazardous waste is disposed.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills do not accept hazardous materials. In fact, a waste inspection program is in place at Olinda Alpha Landfill to identify and separate any hazardous materials that find their way to the landfill. The hazardous materials are returned to the customer or delivered to another facility for proper disposal.

Waste Inspector removing hazardous materials

The environment benefits, too.

Have you been to Santiago Oaks Regional Park lately? If so, you will have seen thriving baby live oak trees. When OC Parks needed to replant oak trees in the park after the devastating Freeway Complex Fire in 2008, OC Waste & Recycling stepped up to the plate and provided the resources to make it happen. Environmental mitigation requirements made this partnership possible

Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Host cities benefit from landfill neighbors.

Landfill host cities receive revenue from waste imported to the landfills from outside of Orange County. These funds are then used by the host cities for a variety of municipal programs and services.

Brea Sports Park

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Having local landfills means that waste trucks don’t have to travel as far for disposal, which results in lower greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition, gas-to-energy facilities at landfills also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This is good for the environment!

Workers at landfill gas well