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    Orange County Coroner Division
    1071 W. Santa Ana Blvd.,
    Santa Ana, CA 92703
    (714) 647-7400

    John/Jane Doe Summary Form

    Positively Identified

    12-02271-RE sketch

    PRINTS: Right Thumb
    12-02271-RE thumb print

    SEX: Male
    RACE: White
    DATE of DEATH: 6/9/2012
    AGE Est. LOW: 20
    AGE Est. HIGH: 35
    EYES: Brown
    HAIR: Black
    HGT. Inches: 72
    WEIGHT LBS: 185
    CITY OF DEATH: Huntington Beach
    LOCATION FOUND: Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington Beach, CA
    PHYSIQUE: Medium build, muscular
    FEATURES: Moles on left cheek, top of right ear, 2 on top of left ear(1 on upper ear and 1 on lower lobe). 3 on chest.
    CLOTHING: Dark blue t-shirt "Caribbean Joe 2001 Let Go"; blue and black striped IZOD cotton boxer shorts. On beach: Lg Gap black jacket w/brown buttons, size 9 black Mossimo utility shoes, black socks, DKNY blue jeans.
    MARKS: ~2" crescent shaped well-healed scar above right knee, 1/2" healed purple scar horizontal to mid upper chest.
    TATTOOS: None noted
    JEWELRY: None

    TEETH/CONDITION:   Natural dentiton in good repair
    12-02271-RE dental chart