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Mission & Purpose Statement

”The mission of Collaborating Organizations Active in Disaster - Orange County (COAD-OC) is to establish and enhance partnerships among community-based and governmental organizations that will collaborate, communicate, and coordinate preparedness, response and recovery efforts for Orange County residents during times of disaster.”


Current Goals

  • Identify Additional Partners; Fill Sector Gaps
  • Continue to Build COAD Membership/Identify Roles and Responsibilities
  • Develop and Strengthen Plans
  • Increase Strength of Communication Systems

Future Goals

  • Maintain COAD activity
  • Continue to develop and test plans
  • Continue to enhance communication systems
  • Identify funding resources to expand capacity of the COAD to deliver services to member agencies

Purpose of COAD-OC

During and Orange County disaster response, the COAD-OC and its member agencies will:

  • Support the exchange of response and recovery information.
  • Support response and recovery coordination of volunteer and material support resources.
  • Provide knowledge of local, social, and community services to enhance client support and recovery.
  • Assist with long-term recovery by identifying emerging and unmet needs of clients.

In that time between Orange County disaster responses, the COAD-OC will:

  • Promote training to enhance the level of preparedness and response capacities of member agencies.
  • Promote training to enhance continuity of operations planning among member agencies.
  • Promote an enhanced network of agencies knowledgeable of each other's services and capacities.

COAD-OC Organization Structure

  • COAD-OC Executive Committee -- 5 to 7 People, Rotating Chair
  • Leadership Council -- Sector Leadership, Elects Executive Committee
  • Full Membership -- Organizations with Defined Disaster Recovery and Response Roles
  • General Membership -- Organizations Seeking Preparedness Training and a Role in Disaster Response and Recovery

Sector Leadership

  • Access and Functional Needs -- Canyon Accessibility Network
  • Animal Services -- SoCal Animal Response Team, aka Surf City Animal Response Team
  • Donations Management -- Operation OC
  • Information & Referral -- 2-1-1 Orange County
  • Faith Based -- Disaster Resource Alliance
  • Food -- Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
  • Government -- Orange County Emergency Management Division
  • Sheltering/Mass Care -- American Red Cross Orange County Chapter
  • Volunteer Management -- One OC

Meeting & Training Schedule

  • Membership -- Quarterly
  • Leadership Council -- Every Other Month
  • Training Opportunities -- Two per Year (Minimum)


Membership in the COAD-OC is accomplished through member agencies and organizations rather than individual affiliations. It is a collection of agencies and organizations that see advantage and opportunity in regular meetings and preparedness trainings to enhance disaster response and recovery activities in Orange County. Two categories of member agencies exist: "Response and Recovery" and "General."

Response & Recovery Membership

As its name suggests, the Collaborative Organizations Active in Disaster - Orange County exists to collaborate, communicate and coordinate preparedness, response, and recovery efforts in Orange County. Response and recovery organizations are those with a predefined disaster response or recovery role that provide assistance to those affected by disasters large and small.

General Membership

A general member is an organization that seeks to know more about Orange County disaster response systems, an organization seeking to ensure their services are known and integrated in a countywide recovery effort, and/or an organization seeking information about preparedness issues to ensure that their organization can best recover and respond to the challenges brought on in the aftermath of a significant disaster.

Contact COAD-OC

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