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AQIS-CYBH Downloads

All consumer posters and brochures for Medi-Cal clinic sites are downloadable from this page. 

Please contact AQIS CYBH at or call (714) 796-0123 for any questions.

Patient's rights posters and brochures are in downloadable format at the
Patients' Rights Advocacy Services website. 

Please contact
Patients Rights Advocacy Services at (714) 834-5647 for any additional questions.

Clinical Information

CYBH Medication Consents (F346-745)

Psychiatrist Information/Downloads

                (Effective 7/1/2016)

Medi-Cal Information (For Distribution to Consumers)

EPSDT-TBS Brochures (MC-003-DHCS)

Advance Health Care Directives (F346-705)