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Document available for public comment

$0OC Health Care Agency has made a document available for public review.$0$0The Orange County Mental Health Services Act Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan for FY 2020-21 through FY 2022-23 has been posted for a 30-Day Public Comment Period. $0$0To access a copy of the draft Plan, please click on this link:$0$0There you will find a copy of the Plan, the Executive Summary of the Plan, and a link to complete an online public comment form (or downloadable form that can be returned via email or mail) if you have anything to share after reading the Plan. Links to the Executive Summary in the different threshold languages will become active on the website over the next week as translations are completed.$0$0 $0$0The 30-day Public Comment period will close on April 15, 2020. $0$0Following the 30 day posting, the Mental Health Board will host a Public Hearing on April 22, 2020. Due to public health concerns around COIVD-19 with the Public Hearing will be held as a “virtual meeting” online and not in person. Information on how to access go online and access the virtual meeting will be sent out as soon as HCA has the teleconference link in place.  $0$0In addition, Orange County libraries are currently closed until the end of March. Should they re-open within the 30-day Public Comment period, the HCA will make a paper copy of the Plan available at the County libraries and send out an email to announce their availability in this location. $0$0If you have any other questions or would like to receive a hard copy of the Plan, please send an email to or call 714-834-3104.$0$0$0